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% Whois server 3.0 serving the hu ccTLD

domain:         elemi.hu
record created: 2019-04-02 14:01:23
Tovabbi adatokert ld.:
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Domain WHOIS Lookup tool

A WHOIS lookup is a process that involves querying databases to obtain information about the ownership and status of a domain name. The WHOIS protocol allows for the publication of these details, and it is a valuable tool for many internet processes including, but not limited to, tackling fraud, resolving IP address conflicts, and enhancing accountability in the digital space. Here is a deeper look at the facets of WHOIS lookup:

Understanding WHOIS Lookup

Data Retrieval: It retrieves data such as the domain owner’s contact information, the domain’s availability status, its creation, and expiration dates, and the identity of the registrar.

Record Details: Aside from basic details, a WHOIS lookup can reveal a domain's name servers, the status of the domain (like active, expired, or available), and sometimes information about the organization associated with the IP address or domain.

Uses and Applications

Domain Buyers: Potential domain buyers use WHOIS lookups to find out if a domain is available for purchase and how to contact the owner.

Law Enforcement Agencies: These agencies use it to identify website owners when investigating illegal online activities.

Business Intelligence: Companies use WHOIS lookup data to gather business intelligence, including tracking the online activities of competitors.

Privacy Concerns

With WHOIS lookups offering detailed insights into domain ownership, privacy concerns are inevitable. As a result, many registrars offer privacy protection services that shield the personal contact information of domain owners from public view.

How to Perform WHOIS Lookup

Online Tools: There are several online tools and websites offering free WHOIS lookup services. Users just need to enter the domain name or IP address they are interested in and the tool retrieves the information from the WHOIS database.

Command Line: Tech-savvy individuals and IT professionals might use command-line tools for WHOIS lookups, using commands in the terminal or console to get the information.

Understanding WHOIS lookup gives one an edge in navigating the digital landscape, be it for business intelligence, personal research, or cybersecurity efforts. It is a vital tool with diverse applications, underlining the open and collaborative nature of the internet, even in an age where privacy concerns are paramount. It strikes a balance between transparency and security, aiding a safer, well-informed online environment.